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We carefully plan and implement server installations and configuration. That server then provides services to the client machines, or workstations on your network such as file sharing and group policies. These group policies control what your users are able to access on your network, as well as their rights with regards to the network and server. Our remote access service allows you to move out of the office when needed without losing the ability to work on your office's network. Remote support uses the same principle, whereby we are able to log on from a remote distance in order to help you with any issues you might be having, thus saving time and money.

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High performance Servers

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Manage your staff access


Control your network

Server Administration: Features


Here at Sword Systems we pride ourselves on giving our clients the perfect solutions to match their needs. Once we have met with you, we hit the drawing boards and design the perfect system to accommodate you. We then implement those systems seamlessly and efficiently, while ensuring minimal downtime to your workflow. We also offer full administration services. We will maintain and look after your infrastructure for you, giving you peace of mind and the time needed to run your business.

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