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Professional grade equipment that enables your business or event to an impact on its audience through audio-visual stimulation and high quality broadcasting and recording!

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Visual communication tops static text or imagery in modern society. Become accessible, get in touch with your audience, staff or viewers today. Widen the reach and impact of your meetings, offer live classes and training, host Skype conference calls, Illustrate and promote concepts and broadcast meetings and events live!

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Reduce the cost of traveling expenses, utilize public spaces, cover several regions with one event, high quality output for recording meetings and events! Sword Systems also offers you rich content by combining multimedia presentations or pre-recorded message with live streaming and event recording. Make use of our trained operators to ensure the success of your event or session.

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Corporate meetings, functions, town halls, press conferences, training, church gatherings, graduation events and performing arts. Capture all the moments from your wedding and record all your favorite school events! Our versatile product also offer full recording facilities, giving you the tools you need to present training material and distribute it for future use.


Worth noting!

Remote quality and streaming is dependent on the quality of the internet you have at your disposal. Insufficient resources in this regard would lead to poor imagery. Fibre is recommended for prime quality streaming. Ensure your presenter is ready and trained to offer an optimized experience for the audience!

Contact us to see how we can impact your business and offer you a higher quality audio-visual experience!!!

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