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We provide extensive internet options such as fiber, wireless and LTE options, giving you the access you need to the outside world. Through these services you are enabled to communicate, research and accumulate data where needed, at affordable prices. Our partnerships with various tier one Internet Service Providers have put us in the position of being able to offer you the best packages at affordable prices. We then manage the relationship between you and these service providers, thereby eliminating often time consuming communications.

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Fibre Optics


Offering faster speeds which reduce downtime in a busy network environment. Fiber technology is also more reliable, which means you can carry on with your daily workload without the hassle of dropped connections and slow speeds. With 82% of organisations now using cloud services, fiber now makes it possible for you to do the same.

Wireless Access Point Installation


Wireless links provide a mobile, reliable and cost effective solution. With less cabling needed and less long term maintenance as a result of less equipment, you are able to save money with your internet solution. These networks are also very easy to set up and provide an effective mobile solution that is able to adapt to your circumstances.

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LTE (Long term evolution)

Increased quality of end user experience, Providing faster upload and download speeds that drastically reduce lag issues. More users are able to use the same frequency, which allows for more users to make use of the technology. Long term evolution is the next big thing in IT technology and will drastically improve the way you do business.

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Sword Systems has set up business partnerships with ISP's that are able to bring Fibre to your business. Fibre is widely regarded as the future of connectivity, and will provide your business with the reliability and speeds you need to operate your business efficiently. With more affordable rates being offered to businesses, Fibre is now within your reach.

Fibre Optics

Lightning Fast Speeds

Data Cloud

Cloud Connectivity

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Connection Reliability

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