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Fibre Optics


In any business, there are multiple components that combine to make up the business as whole. These components need to combine seamlessly and communicate with one another in order for the business to function properly. Structured cabling systems are the core of this communication and are often overlooked when planning the layout of your physical infrastructure. Attempts to cut costs and save time can lead to lack of quality and performance, which would cost your business money in the long run. Proper planning and implementation will help you manage your infrastructure and benefit you greatly in troubleshooting, testing, repairing and replacing where necessary. None of this would be possible if your systems are in disarray from the start, as you would not be able to efficiently access your infrastructure.

Wireless Fibre

Eliminate unnecessary costs and time spent on getting municipality approval by making use of Wireless Fibre. By making use of radio waves, you are able to bring fibre speeds to your business.

Fibre Splicing

By investing in our own splicing equipment, we are now able to offer this service without having to call on 3rd party contractors. Our skilled technicians will get the job done without hassle.

All CAT Cable Installations

Our highly trained team of CAT cable layers are ready to meet your every need. Years of experience have taught us how to identify our clients' needs and implement what their vision is for their company.

Cabling Infrastructure: Services
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